1615 Texas Ave S St Louis Park


Oct 21 2023 - Oct 22 2023

Restore MN Conference- Strengthening The Core

Strengthening the Core,”
Inaugural combined banquet and workshop event will feature a stirring message by the President of TakeCharge, Mr. Kendall Qualls.

Kendall and his wife, Sheila, are becoming powerful voices throughout America on the government’s attacks against America’s families in general and black American families in particular. Nothing is more important than “Rebuilding America’s Families” which is the theme of Kendall’s talk.

The workshops slated for Oct. 21 will include Sheila Qualls’ suggestions as to what you can do as we learn from her message, “TRAPPED! Chaos in the Classroom”. You will also be able to join Representative Walter Hudson as he leads the workshop, “The Many Ways Christians Can Engage in America’s Governmental Processes.” Marti Ackland will lead a very practical hands-on workshop that will teach you how to develop effective 3-minute messages as you address school boards, city councils, county commissions and legislative committees. Finally, Pastor Dale Witherington will lead you through his workshop, “Being a Biblical Citizen in a Non-Biblical World.”

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